Three recent projects have involved the creation of mosaics from designs by and with other artists.

1. Roger Wagner the foremost contemporary painter of religious works, designed a commemorative mosaic for William Clarke at St Matthew’s church in Bayswater, London.

Two important mosaic elements that Oliver identified were Roger’s use of a strong Lapis blue and a range of gold-leafed mosaics.

Orsonis of Venice who have supplied fine smalti glass mosaic for the Budd studio since the early 1960’s created a one-off blue and Oliver employed their full range of gold mosaics for the background of the central figure of an angel in the work.

Roger Wagner's original sketch design for mosaic.

Mosaic interpretation of design. Angel detail.

Completed panel in studio.

Completed panel installed.
St Matthew’s church, Bayswater, London.

2. Carolyn Blake is a Manchester born artist.
She studied painting at Canterbury College of art (KIAD) from 1971 - 74 and City & Guilds school of Art, London from 2008-09.

Setting your story in stone, as a legacy for future generations.

Story in Stone began as a partnership between artist/project leader Carolyn Blake and Oliver Budd. They delivered an inclusive community heritage trail through the three historic market towns of Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. Their unique histories were brought to life in 15 panels and completed in 2018.

The full story is on Carolyn's website. click here.

3. Zak Ové a British-Trinidad visual artist who works between sculpture, film and photography, living in London and Trinidad is Oliver’s most recent collaboration.

Work is in progress on a mosaic tondo piece and currently a large external mosaic installation to be completed in 2023.

These reflect Zak's documentation of and anthropological interest in diasporic and African history, specifically as explored through Trinidadian carnival.

“Working with other artists requires an understanding of their distinct (individual) styles and ethos. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of representing others’ works in mosaic” says Oliver.